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What is a WiFi Disruptor?

What is a WiFi Disruptor?

wifi disruptor

You might be wondering what else can interfere with WiFi signals. If you have a cordless phone, microwave, or cell phone, you might want to consider purchasing a WiFi disruptor. In this article, we’ll take a look at some options. Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your needs. After all, WiFi signal is an important aspect of your daily life. In addition to cell phones, WiFi is a critical part of the business process.

Wi-Fi signal blocker

Wi-Fi signal blocker is a device that is designed to block the signals from the internet. A Wi-Fi signal is an electromagnetic wave that passes through various surfaces. It can be reflected, absorbed, or reflected again. This signal can also be blocked by certain materials, such as walls. Brick walls have a high resistance to the signal, and can block the Wi-Fi signal up to a -28db scale.

Cell phone

cell phone jammer can temporarily disrupt WiFi networks by sending a signal on the same frequency as a mobile device. This device interferes with the mobile phone signal and prevents it from functioning properly. It is an excellent option when you’re in a place where cell phone noise is dangerous or disruptive, such as in a theater or school. Cell phones also cause interference in other areas where WiFi connections aren’t reliable.


A microwave disruptor is a device that interferes with wireless communication by emitting high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. These waves are generated by a microwave antenna that radiates them at a specific frequency. The energy emitted by these waves excite molecules, generating heat and electricity. Depending on their wavelength and power level, they can harm living creatures. The working hypothesis is that the device will temporarily incapacitate a target without lethal force.

Cordless phone

If you are wondering why your cordless phone is disrupting your wifi, it may be because the connections are not stable enough. If you hear static, move the phone wires around until you find the right ones. If that does not help, consider replacing the device. Another possibility is that the cordless phone power supply is not the right one for your device. In that case, you may have to purchase a new one or change the connection type altogether.


The WiFi disruptor, Aireplay, uses deauthentication packets to execute denial-of-service attacks. These packets are part of the first wave of WPA brute-force attacks. Spamming a target with deauth packets is a quick and easy way to interrupt a WiFi network. Disassociation packets are another type of management frame used to disconnect a node from a nearby access point.

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