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What Is a Cell Phone Blocker Device?

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What Is a Cell Phone Blocker Device?

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A cellphone blocker device can reduce distractions for drivers. Carrier companies, for example, can install a cellphone blocking device called CellSafe to improve safety. Consumer markets for similar technology are also beginning to grow fast. Analysts predict that phone blocking will become one of the fastest-growing industries in the next several years. Ultimately, consumers will benefit from the ability to block calls while driving. But what exactly is a phone blocker device?

CellSafe blocker

Cartasite has already signed up several oil and gas companies as early adopters of its CellSafe phone blocker device. Encana plans to install the device in its U.S. fleet of 850 vehicles. The technology has the potential to stop all cellphone calls and texts while a driver is driving, but it also can block 911 calls. Cartasite’s CEO says the device is less restrictive than some other options.

The technology behind the Cellsafe phone blocker is based on two specific designs. One antenna is designed to work specifically with each model of mobile phones, and the other is embedded into a special material. This material is typically silicone. The device works by redirecting the maximum amount of SAR away from the head, so drivers can’t be distracted by their phone conversations. The device’s price range varies from $89 to $130, depending on features.


The Cartasite phone blocker device will be monitored by the oil and gas industry early next year. The company has already signed contracts with ConocoPhillips, Noble Energy, and Anadarko. The oil and gas industry has seen measurable improvements in accidents after using the phone blocker. Encana, for example, experienced a 55 percent reduction in accidents after using the device. Cartasite has partnered with oil and gas companies to improve safety and improve productivity.

CellSafe, a cellphone blocking device, is similar to a driving-behavior monitor, except it uses a different technology. Instead of using a conventional cell phone tower, the Device plugs into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port, which auto mechanics use to check the performance of the vehicle. Signals from the device are then sent to Cartasite computers, which compile a weekly report card for the employer. Cartasite currently conducts informal tests with students at Cherry Creek High School, where it’s used in fleet vehicles. Commercial customers pay $250 per vehicle. Each day, the user must pay $1 to monitor his or her phone.

10 Antennas Military Jammer

The Portable Signal Jammer is an effective phone blocking device that is lightweight and easy to carry. It can also jam specific frequency bands. Its small size makes it a portable option that works in almost any situation. The portable model is 0.8 kg and can be easily used for jamming in an area up to 5-10 meters. It also works with 3G, 4G, and LTE, and it can invalidate WiFi signals.

The portable jammer is a military grade product that works by interfering with cellular phone signals. The main components of the jammer are the power amplifier and a voltage-controlled oscillator that generates the jamming signal. A Type “A” Device, on the other hand, transmits only the jamming signal. Its poor frequency selectivity results in interference with a much wider spectrum than the targeted cell phone signals.

Xtreme Jammer

There are many reasons to purchase a cell phone jammer. Many people worry about jamming their cell phones. However, this device is relatively easy to use. The jammer will effectively block all communications, including the cellular networks used by people in their daily lives. One such reason is when a doctor is on the phone waiting for a transplant. Another example would be when a phone call is dropped for a second or two, so a jammer can be extremely helpful.

The Xtreme Jammer is small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack. It looks like a portable power source and is designed to protect your privacy. Its wall-mounted hidden antenna can shield up to 200 square meters of signal, so it can be a useful tool for keeping private conversations private. This jammer is made with a durable ABS shell, which makes it waterproof and resistant to damage.

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