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Cheap Cell Phone Jammer

cheap cell phone jammer

With portable mobile phones becoming more common, some people want to be able to block the signals they receive. A cheap cell phone jammer seems like a simple solution to this problem. A quick search on Google returns tens of thousands of results, many of which are advertisements for products related to the topic. However, a quick visit to Taobao and Alibaba will yield several similar products. Using a search engine like Google, people can find a wide selection of jamming devices.

Portable signal jammer with 8-wire directional antenna

Portable cell phone signal jammer with 8 wire directional antenna is an effective way to stop the spread of invasive mobile phone tracking signals. With its wide jamming range and high interference performance, it is ideal for most situations. It looks like a portable power source, making it extremely convenient to use anywhere. It also has a wide range of interference frequency bands, allowing it to effectively jam all kinds of cell phone signals.

This mobile phone signal jammer works by blocking signals from the base station. This interference causes a cellular phone to be completely silent. Normally, this type of device is used in areas where silence is expected and is not an option. Nevertheless, the unit is also useful if you need to protect yourself from threats. It blocks all signals from mobile networks, including cell phones. In addition, the device also protects you from potential theft and fraud.

High-power desktop jammer Eagle

A high-power desktop cellular smartphone jammer, the High-power desktop cell phone jammer Eagle, can disrupt mobile phone signals and block all network signals within a radius of a kilometer. This device can also break WiFi and Bluetooth signals, and its total output power reaches 600W, enough to cover a large open space. This unit is so powerful that many European countries have banned its sale. To prevent its sale in Europe, it is highly recommended to buy from authorized sellers.

The high-power desktop cell phone jammer Eagle is capable of blocking frequencies of 900 MHz and 1700 MHz. Its powerful output can disrupt radio signals up to a distance of 100 meters and is field programmable. The device can also be used to protect convoys and VIPs from eavesdropping. It is also a great choice for prisons. It works with an AC adapter to jam any wireless signal.

Dual mode mobile phone jammer

A dual-mode mobile phone jammer is one of the best options to block cell phone signals. These devices block the frequencies of two different networks at the same time. Older digital mobile phone jammers block one type of network while newer triple-band and dual-band jammers block all kinds of networks. The latter also helps prevent dual-mode phones from changing networks. Here are some benefits to buying a dual-mode mobile phone jammer.

This device can be used in a variety of places. Its signal blocker features make it perfect for cinemas, theaters, libraries, recording studios, concerts, and other settings that call for silence. The wide range of frequencies it covers allows it to block signal signals in more than 80 square meters. Its sensitivity control allows it to be configured to fit almost any situation. The jammer will automatically restore service once it is removed from the area, and it can be used in a variety of settings.

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