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Cell Phone Jammer For Sale

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Cell Phone Jammer For Sale

cell phone jammer for sale

The use of a cell phone is omnipresent in our daily lives. With over a billion people using cell phones worldwide, the proliferation of cell phones also has its drawbacks. To combat this, you need a cell phone jammer for sale. With a good cell phone jammer, you can block the signals from cellular towers and other wireless devices. These portable devices are essential tools for everyday life. To keep them from being misused, it is best to buy one and get it installed as soon as possible.

MONIX MGB-1S cellular jammer

You can buy a MONIX MGB-1S if you are looking for a good quality cell phone jammer. This device will block calls and secret messages from all cell phones in a radius of 30 metres. It’s an effective way to keep your cell phone usage under control. Moreover, you can customize the jammer as per your needs. The device will also block the GPS signal as well as WiFi.

PKI 6010 portable cell phone jammer

If you’re on the go and need a cell phone jammer that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, check out the PKI 6010 portable cell phone blocker. This small device is powered by a rechargeable Ni-H battery and can last up to 90 minutes. In fact, it can jam signals up to 900 MHz, and can prevent up to 99% of incoming calls.

6 Antenna Portable GPS

The 6 Antenna Portable GPS cell phone signal jammer is a high-powered device that can block a signal for 20 meters. It has a weight of a kilogram and a typical battery life of two hours. This device also comes with a car charger. If you’re wondering whether your device is working, there are some apps to help you determine whether it’s really jamming your cell phone signal.

High Power Jammer

A High Power Cell Phone Jammer is the answer to this problem. While you’re driving down the road, you can’t hear the ringing mobile phones of other drivers. This can lead to embarrassing situations, including revealing confidential company information. Or, worse, important meetings could be ruined by rude commuters. In either case, a High Power Jammer can help. It blocks the signals from cell phones, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices. It has four antennas and a car charger.


The latest handheld design of the Lojack cell phone signal jammer has been designed to block all kinds of wireless signals including cell phones, Wi-Fi, GPS, and RF. This device is portable and lightweight, so it is easy to carry. It blocks all types of mobile phones and blocks GPS signals. Its versatility makes it ideal for cars, conference rooms, and hospitals. It can also be used in areas that have high cell phone and WIFI coverage.


A GPS cell phone jammer is a useful gadget that will block a location’s signals. Although GPS is helpful, it can also be an annoyance, especially when you are trying to deliver something at the right place. Fortunately, GPS cell phone jammers are available at factory prices. These devices can prevent GPS signals from spreading around the city. Besides being able to block GPS signals, they also block noisy signals.

Police radar

Until recent years, a police radar cell phone jammer was impossible to buy. However, the advent of FM and instant-on radar has caused that to change. Instead of reacting to nonexistent signals, these devices trigger an incoming signal and a car is too close for corrective action. To solve this problem, manufacturers developed a jammer that can jam these signals. This device, known as the police radar cell phone jammer, is available for purchase online.

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