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Why Cell Phone Jammers Are Illegal?

A wireless camera jammer can be used to block signals from a targeted wireless camera.

Why Cell Phone Jammers Are Illegal ?

why cell phone jammers are illegal

Cellphone jammers are devices that block cellular signals, text messages, Wi-Fi, GPS, 911 calls, and GPS locations. These devices are illegal in the United States, and the Federal Communication Commission can fine you for using one. This enforcement bureau has already prosecuted a few American companies for distributing cellphone jammers, and it is also looking for those who use them. Last year, investigators from Verizon Wireless and the F.C.C. visited an upscale Maryland restaurant to investigate the use of cellphone jammers. The owner of the restaurant had complained about employees spending too much time looking at their phones.

Blocking text messages

Cell phone jammers block the signals that allow cell phones to communicate with the tower. While active blocking is illegal in the U.S., passive blocking is allowed at certain locations, including hospitals and public buildings. These jammers emit low-level radio frequencies that thwart cell phone signals within a 100-foot radius. Using these devices is prohibited in the United States, but they are permitted in some countries.

Blocking Wi-Fi

If you’re wondering if cell phone jammers are legal for blocking Wi-Fi, you’re not alone. In fact, a number of public schools have WiFi. Some have separate student and faculty WiFi, while others have both. Jamming all signals is illegal, but some places use it to discourage cell phone use in their premises. It’s worth investigating. Here’s what you should know.

Blocking GPS

Despite their potential to make GPS signals unreliable, cell phone jammers are still illegal and potentially dangerous. Recently, a New Jersey truck driver was fined $6,000 for using a GPS jammer to hide his location from his company. The investigator found the device and reported him to the FCC. The Communications Act of 1934 prohibits the use of GPS jammers and violators face fines and jail time.

Blocking 911 calls

While blocking 911 calls with cell phone jammers may seem like a great idea, it is actually illegal. Not only do they interfere with hospital pagers, but they also block emergency calls. 911 calls are made from approximately 118,000 cell phones daily. This number will never be enough to stop a life-threatening situation, and blocking them with a cell phone jammer would make them impossible to make.

Blocking emergency calls

There are a lot of legal issues surrounding blocking emergency calls with cell phone jammers. While the intent of using one to prevent emergency calls is good, it’s actually illegal in the United States. Cell phone jammers can interfere with hospital pagers and other emergency communication devices. In fact, more than 118,000 emergency calls are made from cell phones every day. The use of cell phone jammers should be illegal.

Blocking texts

Why cell phone jammers are illegal? They make mobile devices in the vicinity impotent, and they are a growing problem in the public sector. Hospital pagers can be rendered useless by such devices, and 118,000 emergency calls are made daily from cell phones, making them a huge public safety concern. While cell phone jammers aren’t new technologies, their use is on the rise, and their overseas exporters are shipping hundreds of them a month into the U.S., according to the cellular industry. Some buyers include hair salons, cafes, and hotels, and even bus drivers.

Blocking GPS signals

But what is the danger of blocking GPS signals with cell phone jammers? It’s a common misconception that jammers are merely cell phone accessories. In fact, they are illegal. Some jammers are even designed to block GPS signals. However, they are effective in disrupting GPS signals over a distance of several hundred meters. This makes them useful tools for preventing tracing devices. In fact, it has already been used by the U.S. military to jam GPS signals around bases. In January, for example, the military jammed GPS signals around White Sands, a training base for emergency response.

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