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The Benefits of a GPS Blocker

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The Benefits of a GPS Blocker

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GPS blockers are designed to prevent the installation of GPS tracking devices in vehicles. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are very difficult to spot within the vehicle’s cockpit. Often, GPS blockers are small enough to be installed in a vehicle’s power supply and are not noticeable in operation. A GPS blocker’s main function is to interfere with the signal received by a GPS tracker installed in the vehicle’s cockpit. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these devices, check out the Fleet Management Buyer’s Guide.

Car GPS blocker

You can buy a car GPS blocker for around $50 online. But beware! While they are legal, they may be illegal in some states. To avoid these consequences, it is best to check the laws in your state before purchasing one. Here are a few benefits of car GPS blockers. They will not make your vehicle disappear from the map entirely, but they will interfere with your mobile tracking app. However, this does not mean that you should be hiding in your car.

Signal jamming

In order for a GPS receiver to work properly, it must receive signals from four or more GPS satellites in orbit around the Earth. Because GPS satellite signals are weak and require solar cells to produce them, jammers can disrupt the signal and drown out the legitimate GPS signal. These devices can also interfere with 911 emergency calls and vital fleet data, such as fuel economy and driving habits. These information can be used to improve safety, vehicle efficiency and productivity.

Illegality in most countries

GPS blocker is illegal in the UK, US, and most European countries. It is also illegal to sell or use one of these devices, which can result in a fine up to PS5,000 and the forfeiture of any stock. Under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006, using jamming equipment is an indictable offence. The maximum penalty is two years in prison and an unlimited fine. GPS blockers are also dangerous for other road users and could be illegal in many countries.

Common uses

There are several common uses for a GPS blocker. Some of them are as simple as preventing someone from using GPS while driving. The jammer works by broadcasting noise in the same frequency as satellite signals, which are used by GPS devices to find a person’s location. These jammers are often used to prevent government officials and counter espionage operations from knowing where someone is. However, they are also useful for preventing personal location tracking.

Safety concerns

A GPS blocker is a device that blocks signals from the Global Positioning System, rendering smartphones and tracking devices useless. They also have legal repercussions, as they are illegal and can result in hefty fines and prison time. A recent case in New Jersey involved a truck driver who had purchased a GPS blocker to hide his location from his company. The FCC fined him nearly $16,000 for violating federal law by using a GPS blocker. The Communication Act of 1934 strictly enforces this practice, and violators can face jail time and significant fines.

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