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The Benefits of a Cell Phone Jammer

A wireless camera jammer can be used to block signals from a targeted wireless camera.

The Benefits of a Cell Phone Jammer

cell phone jammer

cell phone jammer is a piece of equipment that blocks frequencies used by cell phones and other wireless devices. It works by blocking the signals in order to create a dead zone that is unusable for cell phones. Although this type of device is illegal in the United States, it is being used increasingly in prisons and other places where the communication system is too important. Here are some of the benefits of a cell phone jammer.

Blocks cell-phone-to-cell phone frequencies

A device that blocks cell-phone-to-cell phone frequencies may be necessary if the signal strength in your area is low or nonexistent. Cell phone signals are radio waves that facilitate communication between mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Depending on the type of signal, these signals are visible as a bar on your cell phone’s display. The higher the bar, the stronger the signal. If you suspect that your cell phone is not receiving the best signal, contact your phone’s manufacturer and ask them to fix the problem.

Creates a dead zone

If you’ve ever wondered what a cell phone jammer does, you should first understand what it is. This device broadcasts noise on the relevant frequencies so that the phone’s radio waves cannot pick up the signal. This problem isn’t particularly hard to solve, and a high-powered transmitter isn’t necessary. A simple jammer can achieve the same effect. Here are some examples of the benefits of a cell phone jammer.

Is illegal in the United States

It is illegal to own a cell phone jammer in the United States, according to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Local law enforcement agencies may get an exception under strict authorization from the federal government. The use of a cellular jammer is punishable with a hefty monetary penalty. One Florida man was recently fined $48,000 for illegally using the device while riding public transportation.

Is used in prisons

Critics say cell phone jammers are ineffective, but this is an oversimplified view. Prisons are often isolated from nearby infrastructure and a jamming device may have a wide bleed-over effect. The Department of Justice tested the Broad River complex in 2019 and found no bleed-over. It is also worth noting that the cell phone industry has no problem with jamming signals. This system is credited with preventing seven inmate deaths attributed to contraband cell phones.

Is used in educational institutions

The legality of using a cell phone jammer in an educational institution is in question. Though such devices are widely available, they are illegal in many ways, including violating federal law. For starters, jamming devices disrupt cellular communications, and in some instances, even disrupt 9-1-1 calls. In other words, these devices interfere with the ability of students to focus on schoolwork. Schools generally prohibit cell phone use during class.

Is used to protect citizens from various crimes

A cell phone jammer is a device that can stop the signals from cellphones, giving law enforcement an advantage during a raid. This type of device is also used in theaters to prevent intrusions. Though the CTIA is unlikely to outlaw passive jamming, the technology is still useful for law enforcement. Some states already have laws limiting the use of cell phone jammers.

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