Signal Jammer

The 100W Powerful Jammer

powerful signal jammer

The 100W Powerful Jammer

100W Powerful jammer

Iif you are tired of being harassed by cell phone signals, the 100W Powerful jammer is the perfect solution. These jammers can effectively block a variety of signals and are equipped with ten antennas. They can cover the entire 2.4Ghz standard band. This band is compatible with most mobile devices, including laptops, game consoles, televisions, and home WIFI. Moreover, they can jam as many as six frequencies at once.

The TX-100W is a powerful stationary ten-antenna jammer that can block the signal of various networks within a radius of 300 to 500 square meters. The TX-100W jammer has many applications, and it is a perfect tool for preventing the emergence of mobile phone signal networks. It is equipped with a powerful cooling system and a wide range of frequency settings. Its compact design makes it convenient for you to use it while driving.

The WT-82M10 desktop jammer is a great option for a classroom. It is easy to hide, and can block up to four cell phone frequencies at once. It is popular with teachers and entrepreneurs, and it is compatible with the latest 4G technology. Its powerful jamming range and stable performance make it the ideal choice for schools and businesses. You can even customize the jammer based on your requirements if you order in bulk.

The HPJ70 is another option for a mobile phone jammer. This jammer works in a wide area with a 60 meter radius. This device can block almost every network and can also protect you against wiretapping and eavesdropping. It also shields you from being tracked by mobile phone tower triangulation. This jammer is perfect for use in churches, schools, and other public spaces.

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