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Is a Cell Blocker Illegal?

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Is a Cell Blocker Illegal?

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A cell blocker can be an effective way to prevent a phone call or message from reaching you. These devices operate by interfering with the frequencies that mobile phones use to send and receive data. Wireless transmitters, like cell phone towers, use frequencies that are regulated by governments. The device can be powered by a quarter battery or even a large battery. Here’s how they work. The first one works by stealing a signal from the cell tower.


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There are regulations surrounding the use of cell blockers in Canada. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) found that this technology can prevent illicit cell phones from working in prisons, while not interfering with cell phone service outside of the prison. However, Choma is not convinced that this technology is a good idea. He believes that social pressure will eventually curb offensive cell phone use. Once society becomes used to the idea, it will become more acceptable.


If you’re wondering about the legality of a cell blocker, you’re not alone. Cell phones and electronic transmissions are both illegal in many countries. The Communications Act of 1934 forbids interference with radio communications, including selling or manufacturing jamming devices. But despite the widespread use of cell blockers, they are still illegal in some jurisdictions. So, is it really illegal to purchase a cell blocker?

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