Signal Jammer

The CCJ800PL Cellular Jammer

Why Would Someone Use a Cellphone Signal Jammer?

The CCJ800PL Cellular Jammer

cellular jammer

A cellular jammer is a device that interferes with a cell phone’s radio frequencies. Some are simple and block one type of frequency. Others are more complicated, blocking a variety of networks and types of phones at once. Some high-end devices can block all frequencies at once, while others are tuned to specific frequencies. They are extremely useful when someone has a mobile phone that they don’t want to be able to use.


The CCJ800PL is an effective and versatile cellular jammer that is easy to install and operate. Its Ethernet connectivity allows you to monitor and control the device remotely. It blocks both GSM and CDMA signals. This jammer is ideal for use in meeting rooms, examination halls, hospitals, recording studios, and libraries. Its noise-canceling capabilities help to ensure silence and avoid disruption.

48 Watt

A 48 Watt cellular jammer is a popular handheld device for a wide range of uses. It has good heat dissipation, and can block specific frequency bands. Its size and portability make it easy to conceal and is a great option for teachers and businessmen. Here are some reasons to own and use a jammer. Read on to learn more. This handy tool can be used to prevent unwanted calls or texts from a cell phone in any room, from a meeting room to a classroom.

CCJ800PL is a cellular jammer

A CCJ800PL cellular jammer has an output power of 15 watts per band. Its powerful output blocks cellular signals and also allows regular network signals to pass through. The device is operated by remote control and can be monitored via an Ethernet network. It can be placed anywhere up to 30 feet from a cellular phone. A CCJ800PL cell phone jammer can be installed to block the signals of a single cell phone network or to cover a larger area.

CCJ800PL transmits a noise signal

The CCJ800PL cellular jammer was designed to jam GSM cellular networks, as well as satellite and WiFi standards. It operates with a Microprocessor for PLL programming, and transmits a noise signal to block cellular communication. When the CCJ800PL is activated, all cellular mobile handsets in the vicinity experience “NO SERVICE” notifications. The CCJ800PL can be configured for remote control and monitoring via Ethernet network.

CCJ800PL blocks multiple networks at once

The CCJ800PL cellular jammer is a powerful device that is specifically designed to block multiple cellular networks at once. It is designed to be effective in blocking all GSM and non-GSM cellular networks, satellite networks, WiFi standards, and more. This state-of-the-art device is controlled by a Microprocessor for PLL programming and transmits a noise signal. As a result, it disables all cellular communication between cellular handsets in its vicinity. Affected handsets will show a “NO SERVICE” message.

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